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There’s been some nice work done lately on boot time in Mandriva: hotplug has been mostly eradicated in favour of udev, which has made significant inroads on the fairly slobby boot of 2005 LE. Current Cooker boots – including loading X, but not GNOME – in 44 seconds on my system, which is a 30 […]

the wire

I started watching The Wire on DVD, and am having to re-evaluate my long-held opinion that Homicide is the best TV show ever. Wire is written by the guy who wrote the book on which Homicide is based (and who was a scriptwriter for later Homicide seasons) and shares a lot of stuff with both […]

The definition of irony

“Only with an honest attitude towards history can a nation win reconciliation and then integrate into the global community,” the China Daily said.

good day

Had a day full of sport today and went 4 for 4 – I played tennis in the morning and won, 7-5 7-6 (7-1). In the afternoon I went to see the Canadians again, they beat Spokane 2-0 in a well-pitched game – the Canadians starter went eight and only gave up a couple of […]


Haven’t had time to write for a while, and a silent override of my httpd.conf apparently broke most of the site. Ah well. Fixed. Recently, I’ve played lots more tennis (I lost the second round of 3.0 at Stanley Park, but I really shouldn’t have – played terribly), done piles of work, cleaned the kitchen […]