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Funny 2

If you play many RPGs – especially Japanese ones – this will be one of the best things you read this week. It’s a painfully exhaustive and accurate list of the genre cliches. I particularly like this one: Pretty Line Syndrome (or, Crash Bandicoot: The RPG) Seen in most modern RPGs. The key to completing […]


Sorry if you haven’t been able to access the site lately; my IP address went and changed (which usually never happens), and the no-ip change might take a few days to propagate. Spent half of last night trying to build a version of mplayer that would play a certain video file. Container format Matroska (.mkv), […]


I’m watching New England playing Carolina…commentary is a tricky thing, but the announcer really got a bit tripped up by his own negatives with this one: “Don’t tell me this is a team that doesn’t think they can’t come back” Erm…OK, I’ll try not to. 🙂


Well, Goetz packaged the wv fix and Warly let it into main along with some much more important fixes, so beagle on 2006 will work well. Yay! Unfortunately we can’t have the latest 0.1.0 as it depends on some GNOME 2.12 stuff, but it’s there in gpwgnome for anyone who needs it.

Mandriva stuff

So we’re in last-minute-bug-squish mode for Mandriva 2006 release now. As always on the six month cycle this is a mad rush, but as always I’m amazed at just how much useful stuff gets fixed at the last minute, and how much the distro seems to magically transform from ‘wouldn’t give it to my dog’ […]


Via Luis Villa: The iTunes 5 Announcement From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal User Interface Theme. Contains language that is not work-safe, and you have to know a bit about Mac OS X’s interface troubles to get it, but it’s hilarious.

Mandriva – 2006 RC1

Many enthusiastic Mandriva users found the 2006 RC1 ISOs trickling onto mirrors in the last couple of days. Just a warning, though – a serious bug was discovered after Warly had already begun uploading the ISOs, so they had to be reuploaded. If you downloaded very early, you may not have the correct version. Here […]


So, time to cover everything in one post… Kat: I had a nice email exchange with Kat’s author, who was understandably miffed at me for ripping his baby and made it clear that he doesn’t think of Kat as a simple desktop search application but as a framework which will eventually pervade KDE. I’m happy […]