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VOIP phones

So I’ve just been helping Eugenia (from OS News) test out this – a cheap USB Skype / SIP phone. We had a bit of trouble with Gnomemeeting, but as far as the phone goes, in OS X the speaker but not the mic works for Skype; in Linux, both the speaker and the mic […]


Sorry I’ve been down for a day – problems with the latest Cooker MySQL… When I wrote about our new apartment I forgot to mention the #1 most annoying thing – the fire alarm. On the one hand, it’s nice to know we’re not very likely to die in our bed if something actually _does_ […]

New toy!

Happy day – my new headphones arrived. Grado HF-1s, a limited edition being made exclusively for members of head-fi, the site for headphone geeks. I’m loving them so far, so just have to decide whether to donate my old SR-80s to my family or sell ’em. 🙂


Today’s pet peeve – why does Firefox decide to use a different definition of font sizes from every other desktop application? Its idea of a size ’11’ DejaVu Sans is not the same idea as every other app on my desktop, and it’s making me tetchy. (Yes, Firefox’s OWN DPI SETTING (and why does it […]

NetworkManager blah blah blah

Well, after reading one too many NETWORKMANAGER IS GOD posts on, I can’t resist reminding people that Mandriva has drakroam. In Mandriva 2006, it has spanky integration with net_applet, the little network status icon that’s in the notification area on a default install. Go ahead, try it out. If you use wireless you may […]


The Register’s coverage of the UK ID card debacle has been some of the most consistently insightful, methodical and interesting coverage of political shenanigans since Yes, Minister. The article posted today on the Home Office’s new spin – a card will cost £30, and the public is in support of the scheme – is no […]

useful toys

Here’s one of the reasons I keep so many toys lying around the place: My partner’s cousins love coming over to play. 🙂

parallel boot

Couriousous, one of the MDV contributors, has written an interesting parallel boot system for MDV which is much less radical than other similar systems. It needs a bit of manual patching of initscripts and so forth in its current pre-alpha state, but I had some spare time so I thought I’d give it a go. […]

I think I’m incurable

Please, what is the meaning of this ‘too many toys’ of which you speak?

Mandriva 2006 final!

So, finally 2006 is released! To Club members, at least. Yay! It’s spanky. It really is. It’s got one silly bug that will be fixed by an update soon, and a medium serious X.Org problem with some nvidia hardware which will hopefully be fixed equally soon, but it’s spanky as hell. I gave one of […]