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New arrivals

My new arrivals: One (slightly battered) pair of Paradigm Mini Monitors, $200 plus shipping plus UPS “we’re charging you because we can” fee = probably more than I’d have paid for a new pair locally, but oh well. Now I just need to wait till my rears (Paradigm Titans) arrive and I get paid so […]

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Miguel appears to have had a wouldn’t it be cool if… moment. I have a horrible suspicion that a very similar post sent around inside Microsoft sometime last decade was the birth of ActiveX…

Good stuff

I’d like it on the public record that R.E.M.’s Lifes Rich Pageant is a fantastic album. Especially at 2:30am. Ahhh…Flowers of Guatemala…


As Rafael points out, ESR is a complete moron. Wow. I’ve always thought ESR was a somewhat smart and sensible person, but it turns out he’s an arrogant twat. Useful to know. Let me see, between the TLA Overlords we have RMS, who is an idealist who takes things to extremes others find uncomfortable, but […]

I hate hardware.

I hate hardware. I was just doing my morning email check this morning, finished listening to an album, and just before I started another I noticed a slightly odd noise coming from the PC. Opened it up, couldn’t identify any obvious source of noise, until I noticed…the fan (I have a Shuttle ST62K – it […]


There’s something weirdly cute about the BBC News website’s five word headlines, shorn as they are of all context, adverbs and, frequently, pronouns. One of today’s is my new favourite: UN begins quake vaccination drive I didn’t know you could be vaccinated against earthquakes! Isn’t progress great?

Time sink

Oh, wow – I think I just found my next time sink: the Linksys NSLU2, with Linux. I’d been planning on getting a Mac Mini or a mini-ITX PC to use as a dedicated web / mailserver machine, but now I want to use one of these instead! The NSLU2 is a little appliance made […]


I don’t know quite what prompted it, but I’ve made a major change to the way I handled passwords over the last couple of days. I used to remember an assortment of quasi-random passwords for really important things (my GPG certificate, user and root passwords, PayPal etc). For other things I tended to use one […]

geeky thinking

So I’ve just started re-archiving all the CDs I have here as .flac instead of .ogg (this didn’t seem important when I had $50 speakers, but now I have several hundred $ worth of headphones, it is). Half way through, though, I decided I also wanted to replace the .oggs on my Neuros with higher […]

Howie Weinberg is killing music

I had an interesting evening. I listened to Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ ‘Shake The Sheets’ on my nice headphones, and noticed it sounded like pants. I took a look at it in Audacity, and it’s been massacred in the mastering. this is a masterly explanation by a fan of Rush of how a lot […]