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Lord Reith’s turning in his grave…

Another great BBC News headline: Warning over child obesity push. I think we can all agree that pushing child obesity is a bad idea, yes.

Mandriva Linux One

So, the wraps are off the Secret Project – it’s Mandriva Linux One, the first beta of which is on mirrors (in /devel/iso/2006.0) now. It’s basically an installable live CD, in the vein of PCLinuxOS etc. I tested it out in VMware today and it works amazingly well for a first beta – scarily fast, […]

How To Break Ubuntu In Thirty Seconds

adamw@ubuntu510:~$ sudo scp /etc adamw@ubuntu510:~$ sudo nano /etc/hosts sudo: unable to lookup ubuntu510 via gethostbyname() …yeah, sudo, it’s all very clever until someone loses an eye! I have a bunch of entries in /etc/hosts because of having four local systems plus a bunch of VMware machines etc. So now when I set up a […]

VMware fun

Today, I have mostly been having fun with VMware. This post is brought to you by (shock!) Fedora Core 4, running in VMware Player on my trusty Cooker desktop. I’ve more or less figured out creating new machines with qemu and a bit of text file hacking; I’ve already got this machine and a SUSE […]

Hero of the day

My hero of the day is vincentfox from Linksysinfo – he appears to have identified and helped me fix the network problem which was causing me massive amounts of frustration in the last half a year or so. An issue I’d never have figured out on my own. Thanks, Vincent.

FOSDEM and more

So, elevator fishing was a wash – I lost my magnet. Sigh. Now waiting for the elevator company to come on routine maintenance and get the damn things back for me. Now, on a happier note – I was talking to David Barth (our new Mandriva tech overlord) today and got some nice bits of […]

Gone fishin’

Well, wish me luck, everyone – I’m off fishing today. Elevator fishing, that is. “What’s elevator fishing?”, I hear you cry. Elevator fishing is a fine recreational sport involving the gap between the elevator car and the corridor, performed using a bit of string and a magnet, which one generally gets involved in when one […]

Life in general

Hmm, time for a general-y update. The best thing to happen lately is that the weather suddenly got much better – it stopped raining last weekend and hasn’t started again yet. Thus I managed to play tennis six days out of seven last week, which was nice (if rather tiring and, by Sunday, inducing nasty […]

GNOME memory

I must say, I’m deeply disappointed in all this GNOME memory usage optimization that’s been going on lately. My working desktop (GNOME, Evolution, Firefox, Xchat, gpass, gnome-terminal, gaim and audacious) now takes up a mere 250MB of RAM. What the heck did I buy that gigabyte for?! Darn it, people, code more bloat so I […]


Odd tennis thing. There’s a shot I never managed to hit in my life before – a come-backer, where you hit a sliced drop shot and it bounces back to your side of the net. Then this year I’ve done it twice, once by accident and one a planned shot. Weeeird. Must be the new […]