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Heh. I was reading an old issue of Instinct (gay magazine) that was lying around the bathroom. In an article on gay guys who are married but haven’t told (and don’t plan to tell) their wives about it, they just fool around on the side, one of the guys interviewed had this to say (in […]

XGL redux

So the blue drop shadows guy wrote back by way of a new blog post to explain that I’m a silly bunny and it’s fine because it’s just a technology demonstration. He also suggested I read the comments on his entry, where people have come up with Really Useful Applications for his technology demonstration, such […]

The sky is falling!

And to think people laugh when I tell them XGL is pernicious eye candy that distracts both users and developers from actual useful tasks… I give you: blue drop shadows! Really. I couldn’t make this up.

Activity log #19

Publish newsletter #119 on Club, send to news outlets interesting discussion with vdanen re security lifetimes and such

Ubuntu – groundbreaking!

In an article with this subhead: “The Ubuntu Linux project hopes to release a groundbreaking product later this year…” I see this Shuttleworth quote: “So dream a little about Xen for virtualisation, Xgl/AIGLX and other wonderful wobbly window bits, the goodness of Network Manager, a first flirt with multiarch [multiple architecture] support for true mixed […]

Activity log #18

More Inside drafting Futile attempt to stop world’s longest and most pointless flamewar various correspondence (Walt about Inside, reminding John Dvorak that we’re not Mandrake any more…)

Activity log #17

Final final FINAL draft of newsletter #119 with new submission from wobo various discussion with walt pennington (including news we’ve done a bunch of nice printed copies of One to give away – yay!) draft of CWN section for Inside

Activity log #16

weekend / monday final draft for newsletter #119 various forum admin things wrote club article on MDV 2006 VMware image – trying to organise with david and warly to have VMware image linked from VMware’s site not much else, since it was a long weekend and everyone else was off work (and I had […]


This BBC News story has me utterly flabbergasted. How anyone with a functioning brain, let alone university tenure, can suggest with a straight face that there could be “more money generated by the gambling sector than any other” escapes me. It should be immediately and patently obvious to anyone more evolved than a rhesus monkey […]

Activity log #14 / #15

#14, Thursday: more Kiosk testing on Community draft Mandriva In Depth page for Inside write Club announcement for Kiosk testing (not published yet, waiting on translations) correspondence (trying to clear out Club packages, proposal from reinout on club newsletter generation system) #15, Friday: first draft for newsletter #119 correspondence