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RMS on Ubuntu

RMS makes his point on Ubuntu’s freedom rather effectively: RMS-annotated Ubuntu CD

I love Americans

You gotta love the Americans… I watched the Canadian Grand Prix this morning. Another fairly dull F1 race, but provided a nice contrast to what followed. I remember one driver coming into the pits with a damaged nose cone, the team switched it out for a new one in about fifteen seconds. Then I happened […]


“The suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, amount to acts of war, the US military says.” I think I must be asleep already. I’m sure when I wake up that won’t be a real quotation any more. Please, for the love of all that’s sane. From here.


It occurred to me a while ago now that one of the most interesting features of internet discourse is the rise of the ellipsis. Particularly the trailing ellipsis. If you read message boards, comment threads, forum posts, blogs and the like you will see dozens upon dozens of occurrences of this – sentences, paragraphs or […]


So I’m personally not quaking in my boots at the competition with this round of releases… SUSE 10.1 won’t install in VMware. It just won’t. First it refuses to believe there’s any software on the DVD ISO (which VMware shows it as a DVD drive), then you can work around that by dropping to the […]