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Ahh, the only thing I really miss about England – the gallows humour. When Canada went out of the hockey in the Olympics there was nothing like that, just a week of everyone treating it as the Worst Thing Ever before they forgot about it and went to the beach instead.


Well I don’t know who did what, but the new unstable release of Evolution (2.7.4) sure had a kick up the ass somewhere – on my set up (connecting to a locally hosted IMAP server) it feels like greased lightning compared to previous versions. Great job, whoever’s responsible. If you’re on the bleeding edge of […]

Peeve of the day

My peeve of the day: the widespread wrong usage of the word “refute”. See this headline: Cingular Wireless refutes lawsuit claims If you look at the story, it’s very clear that Cingular did not refute the claims. They rejected them. Refute is a term with a specific meaning in terms of formal reasoning: it […]


When I hate my job, it’s mostly like this. But then I don’t hate my job very much, so that’s all OK. 🙂