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So I thought I’d write something technically useful here for a change 🙂 I set up PulseAudio on my desktop yesterday. PulseAudio (formerly polypaudio) is a sound server, like esound or arts. It started out as a next-gen replacement for esound, which has been basically in a state of static suckiness for many years now. […]

Aw, crap

So I just HAD to go and discover a couple of sites today: Threadless t-shirts American Apparel overstock I was ALREADY broke. Now I’m gonna be, like, super-broke or something. Sigh… (btw, for anyone wondering why I haven’t written much about work lately, reason is that there’s nothing much interesting to write. 2007 is in […]


Most of my photos from Pride weekend are now up here. Go and marvel, or something.


I find my new deodorant stick has the words “Take The Risk” engraved in it. WHAT risk does this deodorant pose? WHY in heck should I take it? Inquiring minds want to know.