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geek overload

so I just spent two hours updating the third-party firmware on my wireless router and converting my entire network to DHCP addressing with zeroconf-based name resolution, instead of old-fashioned static addressing. because I can, and it’s cool. i know. i’m scared too.


So now 2007 is mostly done for everyone except Warly (who’s still busy in the kitchen trying to cook up seventeen thousand different ISOs), I’ve mostly stopped testing / bug herding and moved on to the stuff surrounding the release. In particular I’ve been trying to keep the release notes and errata in order, making […]


Aye, ’tis plain sailin’ fer 2007 an’ no mistake. Cap’n ‘Fearsome’ Barth an’ his horde o’ hard-drinkin’, wench-baitin’ below decks swabbers ‘ave removed the last o’ th’ mice, rats, termites &c from their stations chewing at the timbers o’ th’ good ship Mandriva, an’ we be ready to send ‘er out to the cruel ocean […]

GNOME 2.16

So congratulations to the GNOME team on the release of 2.16, a nice shiny release indeed. And it was in Cooker as soon as the .0 tarballs were tagged this morning, even before the release announcement, which is a refreshing return to our old ways after the slightly behind-the-times 2006! I’ve been working like a […]