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/backports is open for business

In news that I can’t quite figure out where to report, it’s nice to note that we opened the /backports media for 2007 /main and /contrib today. (Also opened were /contrib/testing and /contrib/updates ). This means there’s finally a simple way for packagers to build and users to get backported packages for stable releases, where […]


So I did it – set up a Flickr account, that is. Photos will live there from now on, until they turn evil and attempt to take over the world. Ah, outsourcing…I feel evil.

Contacts server?

Lazyweb, O lazyweb. I was struck today by the notion it would be quite neat to share my address book between Evolution running on my desktop, Evolution running on my laptop, and the roundcube webmail system. A bit of basic Googling suggests I could probably do this via OpenLDAP, but it looks like using a […]

VMware time loss and Mandriva

Here’s a little thing I came across while doing my new mail / web server setup. After I got both servers up and running I realised they were suffering from a problem I’d noticed before with VMware machines I’d run but which had never really been a major issue: their clocks lost time rapidly, about […]


So I successfully migrated the web server to a virtual machine today. Unfortunately I’m going to make the Gallery a casualty of the /home wipeout and the move; all Gallery’s actual data was stored in /home. I still have all the original pictures, they were stored elsewhere, but I just don’t feel like recreating everything […]


So… I nuked my /home partition. Whoops. I was trying to resize it and move a bunch of stuff to a dedicated new partition, in order to make backing up /home easier. Only I forgot that shrinking reiserfs partitions just doesn’t really work. And I also was in a bit too much of a hurry […]

Shiny webmail

I have a very old-school mail setup. I have several mail accounts with various providers, all of which still get mail and which I can’t merge into one account very easily. I used to use Evolution on my desktop to access all these accounts directly. If I wanted to read mail on my laptop I’d […]

Audio part 2

So an update to my previous post on audio: I found the patch in Banshee bugzilla that enables transcoding support. Applied it to 0.11.0 and rebuilt, and it works pretty nicely: I can drag files from my library to my phone, then synchronise the phone, and they’re transcoded to MP3 and copied to the phone […]


I want my audio players to work in GNOME. This is a re-written version of this post, after some research :). It seems really, really NEARLY all the bits are there. HAL can recognise music players, and it can specify what directory song files should go into, and what format they should be in. Banshee […]

Mandriva 2007 released

Yes, it’s done! Mandriva 2007 was released this morning in approximately seventeen zillion different editions. Shiny AIGLX / Xgl 3D desktop goodness, the vastly improved rpmdrake, a very up-to-date environment including KDE 3.5.4, GNOME 2.16 and kernel 2.6.17, and the best part… …absolutely no Kat. Also, in a move I think is a good one, […]