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Music day

CD buying day today – joy. Went to Zulu Records, which embodies both the good (great selection, used section, good music on the in-store speakers, clerks who actually know something about music, large wall displays about Big Star) and the bad (high prices, odd smells, ‘whimsical’ takes on alphabetical order, clerks who know something about […]


This absolutely shocks me. People discussing religious “limits” on freedom of speech? Boycotts? Threats? I’m sorry. I do not believe in your religion, be it Islam, Christianity or any other. I’m an atheist. Your religous laws and taboos have no domain over me, or a Danish or French newspaper editor. They have an absolute legal […]


Today’s “why?” moment: people who go to major, internationally televised sporting events and spend the entire night concentrating on filming it from several hundred feet away using a crappy Sony digital camcorder. Why? Who, in the entire world, is going to be remotely interesting in watching your footage, as opposed to the coverage on ESPN […]

Tennis, again

Finally it stayed dry for a day so I got to play some tennis. Met a guy I hadn’t seen at the local courts before, went 3-0 love on double faults and missed smashes before I got into a rhythm and won 6-3. Feels nice to actually win a singles game after playing my nemesis […]

Newspaper photos

From Dan’s Data, quoted for hilarious truth: “I have a rule about newspaper photographs of people. The more tricks the photographer’s used, the more boring the person is. Steve Wozniak can safely be photographed sitting behind a desk smiling. A guy whose most interesting characteristic is that he owns a huge conglomerate that makes garden […]


The second post of the day is for my new shiny things. In the never-ending quest for even nicer sound (I’ve now officially spent way more money on this than is remotely reasonable, but then I _do_ spend several hours a day sitting here listening to my headphones, and you can’t take it with you…) […]

Linux-y news

Making two posts today, the first is all things vaguely Linux related. I got a lovely surprise in my Inbox when I woke up this morning – a mail from Fred Lepied, who I learn has been working on the Mandriva community HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) project that I assumed had been mouldering on some […]

Mono to ship in minor distribution, none dead

See topic. Sorry, mono is in Fedora Core now, why are we supposed to be excited again? It’s not like anyone’s said it’s going to ship in RHEL, which is where Red Hat’s real muscle lies, to them FC is a bone thrown to the “community”. MDV and SUSE have shipped mono for several releases […]

Names, names, names

Provoked by the new desktop recorder “byzanz” and the newly renamed videoconferencing tool “Ekiga” (really, people, PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE. Yes, I know it’s something clever from a language you don’t speak. No, this does not make it okay.), I hereby propose the following usability improvements for GNOME 2.14: Evolution will be renamed GNOME […]

Christmas present

Forgot to mention, my partner’s Christmas present to me was eight boxes of winter special edition pocky (like regular pocky, but with nicer, thicker chocolate and massively more expensive) and eight cans of apple sidra (ridiculously tasty Taiwanese apple soda). I fear he knows me too well. I also fear for my waistline.