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That’s it ;)

I’d like to thank the author of the Ubuntu review I linked to for leaving his thoughts on my thoughts ;), and apologize for the bits of my post where – through authorial laziness – I criticised his post and / or his creative faculties. This really wasn’t my intention, but I tend to write […]

What is it?

Another of those bizarre raves about Ubuntu. It’s a perfect example of the genre, really. The guy installs the distro, installs some updates, runs Firefox, reboots, and concludes it’s the best thing he’s ever seen. Why? This has been bugging me for a while. The easy conclusion is “they’re all idiots”, but hey, that’s a […]

Audio revisited

So a while back I wrote about audio: Just an update – everything is fixed. 🙂 I just tested Rhythmbox, and with 0.9.8 (may have gone in earlier and I just didn’t notice), on-the-fly transcoding and transfer to DAPs seems to work fine. I plugged in my phone, dragged a file from the library […]

gimmie gimmie gimmie

Reading this story on Avant Window Navigator finally prompted me to look into some of the cutting-edge panel replacement projects for GNOME. I got Avant built and working no problem, but it’s really just eye candy, it’s not really usable as a functional panel replacement yet IMHO. So I went for Gimmie instead. The ‘stable’ […]


Lazyweb, oh lazyweb… I still don’t really understand how Linux handles swap space. One thing in particular irritates the hell out of me. I have 1.5GB of RAM, but I still occasionally manage to wind up using it all, just for a brief time while I’m running a lot of stuff, and then things start […]

Mailing lists fixed, old subscription lists

The Mandriva mailing lists are working again. However, we had to restore the subscriber lists from a backup, and…it’s quite an *old* backup (around a year old). If you subscribed to any Mandriva mailing lists in the last year, you will probably need to re-subscribe. You can check your subscriptions from the web interface, or […]


Well, I guess there ain’t many of you, but if you happen to be a parent considering taking your child to see Bridge to Terabithia: DON’T. Unless said child is at least 30 and very emotionally mature. Not that it’s a bad movie. It’s fantastic. It’s just nothing at all like the trailer leads you […]

Mailing lists down

Just to get the word out – most Mandriva-related mailing lists are down. A hard drive died on the ML server, it’s proving difficult to fix. Nic is hoping to bring it back up by tonight (Paris time). No, I don’t know when the hdlists will be fixed…

randr 1.2: mode and display switching for Intel graphics chipsets

Wow, I’m on a roll today! After getting VirtualBox going earlier, I came across a blog post from Ross Burton. He and I have been in the same situation for a while. We both have laptops with Intel chipsets that we use regularly with external displays. For both of us, our external display has a […]

VMware to VirtualBox

ATTENTION GOOGLERS: Both sections of this page are now out of date. If you want to move from VMware to VirtualBox, what you really, really want is VirtualBox 2.1 or later. As of that version, VirtualBox fully supports VMware’s VMDK disk image format, so you can simply load your VMware disk image into VirtualBox, which […]