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Good hardware, bad hardware

Didn’t do so much actually productive work stuff today; more farming email, discussing and triaging 2007.1 bugs, and discussing release issues (fcrozat was mildly against gedit-root and kate-root being in 2007.1, I have outlined my reasons why I think he’s wrong…). I did patch bittorrent-gui to download to ~/Desktop by default, though; previously it was […]

Editing as root, torrents torrents torrents

Been scratching more itches lately. Besides more work on the wiki documentation, I went after two main things. One complaint about 2007 was that there were no good Bittorrent clients on the discs. While looking into this I noticed we really don’t ship many good torrent clients. There’s ktorrent, which is good apparently, but it’s […]

2007.1 RC1 available

*note to news outlets* PLEASE do not carry this as a story yet; when we are ready for this to hit news sites we will let you know. Thanks. 2007.1 RC1 is now available from a mirror near you. Sorry, no release notes up yet. This should be significantly improved from beta 2. Unfortunately there’s […]

Writing and hardware

Done some more work on the ldetect-lst front: rationalized a few more graphics card drivers, changed NVIDIA a bit since nv doesn’t currently support the latest G80 core, and added a few IDs I found in upstream pci.ids and the source code for various drivers. Unfortunately, Anssi Hannula discovered a rather large bug in XFdrake […]

More hacking

So I’m still trying to figure out exactly _where_ it says ‘hacker’ on my job description, but ah well. We now have most definitively the best graphics card detection kung fu in the Linux world. Boastful? Well, maybe. =) But the NVIDIA, ATI, Intel and Unichrome card detection in current Cooker is basically up to […]

That’s another fine mess…

So TV committed my patches to ATI and NVIDIA driver detection, and another couple of patches I did for Intel. This should mean that in 2007.1 RC1 (and of course final), quite a few more cards will be automatically detected (the world’s three remaining Intel 752 owners can rejoice!), and the choices for the most […]

Worky worky

Productive day today! First I finished updating the experimental X server 1.3 / xrandr / modesetting packages in contrib to the RC1 that was released overnight. Updated the tasks package. Then, instigated by Thierry’s comment on bug 28682, I did some work on ldetect-lst. ldetect-lst is the Big List Of Recognised Hardware. First I fixed […]


So some idiot (Andreas) let me loose with a maintainer account… So far I fixed Exaile not to depend on GTK+ 1.2 any more, and added avant-window-navigator (a shiny composited Dock-like thingy for GNOME) and tracker (one of the more interesting of the pile of metadata search engines showing up lately). I don’t think I […]