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The joys of packaging

Austin’s having a fun afternoon: (groundstate) trust me, I’m working on gnustep (groundstate) but it’s like packaging a sumo wrestler into a Pringles can

Fun with Google

How would you like your Google? Pig latin Klingon Elmer Fudd

Web browser fun

Site upgraded to WordPress 2.2, BTW. A chance conversation on the Cooker IRC channel about lightweight web browsers (i.e. there really are no good ones) led me to discover that the GTK+ WebCore project is, in fact, not dead. Yeah, who knew? GTK+ WebCore is a port of WebKit, Apple’s web rendering libraries (used in […]


I would like to proclaim that 2007 shall henceforth be known as ‘the year everyone forgot the difference between ‘reins’ and ‘reigns”. Seriously, for some reason I see articles all over the place saying stuff like “he has the reigns of power” or whatever. What the hell is up with that? No-one seemed to have […]


The simplest approach to being a bugmaster (though admittedly it really doesn’t scale well) is just to fix the damn things yourself. so in the past couple of days, i’ve done updates / rebuilds for transcriber (and tclex), ayttm, gwget, gretl, pccts and gdis, addressing bugs 26358, 25023, 26200, 19022, 24189 and 26100. mm, smell […]

3D desktop article on Club

Olivier Blin wrote a nice article on the 3D desktop features in Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring. After translation and some proofreading, I’ve posted it to the Club. Take a look if you want to know more about the features and how configuring them works. The bug project is progressing nicely: the bug policy has been […]

Approach of the Bugmaster

With an air of slowly subsiding stunned bemusement, I relay the news that I have had the position of Mandriva Bugmaster bestowed upon me. This happened in an early morning phone call from Anne Nicolas, our new Engineering Director. She called me (ostensibly) to discuss, in general terms, the situation with regards to bug management […]

Virtualization article up

The virtualization article is up on the Club. Please digg it, we’re trying to get MDV information and articles more visible publicly 🙂

Begone, mdk, begone!

My rebuilding-really-old-stuff binge is continuing. I got stuck for about three days on Skencil, a fairly old but still moderately used drawing app. After lots of frustration, lots of grepping, lots of exceedingly ugly perl substitution commands and several patches judiciously stolen^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hborrowed from other distros, we now have a Skencil package that builds on 2007.0, […]