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Anime checksums on Linux

Quite a small interest group here, but hey! UPDATE #3: okay, enough! I’ve now been sent more ways to do CRC32 checksums than you could possibly ever need =) UPDATE #2: Pascal Terjan points out that the perl-Archive-Zip package contains /usr/bin/crc32, which is a perl script that does exactly what you’d expect. I don’t know […]


Some more cool stuff happening at Mandriva lately: Vincent Danen has been working on Bugzilla. Our current bugzilla is occasionally nicknamed ‘warlyzilla’, as it’s a _heavily_ customised Bugzilla 2.x that was built (or, more accurately, grown…) by Warly over several years. No-one else really understands the patches and it’s more or less impossible to maintain […]

Mandriva sponsoring aKademy 2007, handing out free Flashes

Cool news: we’re sponsoring aKademy 2007 (the KDE developers’ / users’ conference) at the Silver level, and as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also handing out free Mandriva Flashes to the developers attending the conference. Helio will be giving a presentation, too. I know a lot of you guys have mentioned in the past that […]


I am, in a weird way, quite proud of this hideous abomination: pushd doc # italian is already unicode, leave it out. for i in es hu pl ru sr; do pushd $i; \ # this is ugly, but assume same encoding as .po file for each language. iconv –from-code=`grep charset= ../../po/$i.po | cut -c36- […]

Lies, damned lies…

Top edit: on re-reading this post it occurs to me that my intent is not entirely clear. I’m not attempting to show that the Distrowatch numbers are ‘wrong’ and the other numbers I post are ‘right’. Of course, I don’t believe that Mandriva is actually ten times as popular as Ubuntu, as the Softpedia numbers […]

Reply from Mark Shuttleworth re patches in Debian

Mark sent me a very prompt reply to the mail I copied in my previous post. Good to hear it’s something he’s already considering. — Hi Adam Very good to get this message while I’m at Debconf! I’ve been working to build consensus for this sort of idea in Debian for some time, because as […]

Patch and bug collaboration: Shuttleworth

There’s an interesting write-up of a speech given by Mark Shuttleworth at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit here. Basically, he urges cross-distro collaboration on bug tracking and patching, which is certainly a laudable goal. Here’s the response I mailed to his secretary (you know you’re too important for your own good when you need a […]

Work stuff

Biggest work-related news: I’ve been adjusted to full-time status. Which basically means I get paid more but I also get yelled at more. Hey, I’ll take the cashola! Various stuff I’ve been doing – last week I spent a couple of days bussing around Vancouver handing out One CDs (and Mandriva pens) to members of […]