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Bugzilla upgrade

So after a few weeks of testing, we’ve gone ahead and migrated Bugzilla over to the new 3.0 implementation done by Vincent. This new Bugzilla is almost unpatched from upstream and is orders of magnitude faster than the previous implementation, so thanks to Vincent for his work. It’s a lot nicer to work with now.

LinuxWorld San Francisco

Some cool news (for me anyway :>) – if it all works out, Mandriva’s going to be sending me to LinuxWorld in San Francisco this year (conference runs August 6th – 9th at the Moscone Center). First time I’ve been to a conference and also the first time I’ve been to SF, so I’m looking […]

Hack Week, Patch Day, Fix Everything Hour

So hot on the heels of Novell’s ‘hack week‘ comes Sun’s ‘patch day‘… Important to note I’m speaking entirely personally here. Does anyone else find this kind of thing vaguely bogus? It feels to me like this kind of short-termism is heavily aimed at PR rather than real usefulness and likely to cause more problems […]

Lots of news

Lots of news around lately. aKademy is winding up; haven’t seen much visible posting about the Flash we handed out, which is a shame, but Helio, our man on the spot, tells me that inside the conference there were a lot of people coming up to him to talk about it and ask questions (like […]