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Yak shaving

Having a very yak shaving kind of a day. I figured I’d package Conduit, as it looks like it’s pretty useful already and only going to get more so. Thought it’d be quite simple – ah, how wrong one can be 🙂 Firstly, I had to package a couple of Python modules it depends on […]

Spam, and 2008

It amazes me how sophisticated spam is getting. I just deleted a comment on the official Mandriva blog. It was a response to a post I wrote about the latest newsletter being released. It seemed to just be a straightforward comment about the newsletter saying how much the guy liked it. Only problem – it […]

Back from LinuxWorld

I’m back from LinuxWorld. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take any pictures, but the conference was excellent. It’s mostly a business-focused conference, and we were mostly concentrating on promoting the classmate PC, which we will be selling in bulk quantities with Mandriva pre-loaded (the system is that we buy the systems from Intel and […]