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I find it a wonderfully surreal experience to spend a morning bug fixing and then sit down on my deck here in Vancouver to read my old college gazette. When I was at college, and on the couple of times since that I’ve been back, it feels perfectly natural to have dinner with people who […]

2008 RC2

So 2008 RC2 was pushed overnight, fortunately I got the Wiki pages up and ready in advance this time :). Quite a lot of changes since RC1, actually: we’ve included the latest ATI proprietary driver _only_ for Radeon HD cards, it should be auto-detected and configured just like the older ATI driver and the NVIDIA […]

Lenovo poll, more 2008 work

Lenovo is running a poll to see which distribution people would prefer to see pre-installed on future Lenovo systems. A few days back we were languishing in 8th place or so with under 1,000 votes. Guillaume (who’s in charge of the press department now) suggested we post about the poll in a few places and […]

RC1 out, shiny things ahoy

We pushed 2008 RC1 today – linky. There’s been a ton of bug fixing since Beta 2, so this should be quite a lot better. Unfortunately we’re still having problems with unionfs so we didn’t get the One edition out yet, but there *will* be a One RC1, it’ll just take a day or two […]