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Compiz 0.6.2 and Compiz Fusion 0.6.0 backported to Mandriva Linux 2008

Yep, the backports for the new Compiz and Compiz Fusion releases have hit the 2008 repositories. If you want to use it on 2008, just set up your backports repositories – go to the repository configuration tool and enable them – then update the appropriate packages (compiz, libcompizconfig, compiz-bcop, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, compizconfig-python, compiz-fusion-plugins-extra, ccsm).

New ATI drivers

Just to let everyone know, we (as in, the Mandriva development community) are aware of the new ATI driver release. Anssi Hannula (who does the actual ATI / NVIDIA driver packaging), myself (who handles the graphics card / driver detection tables), and Olivier Blin and Colin Guthrie (who handle compiz and drak3d) are co-ordinating to […]


I was a bit surprised recently when I read about Ubuntu’s PPAs. After years of being irritatingly good at everything infrastructure-y, this is a mistake so hilariously bad I don’t know how they could have made it. Basically, Ubuntu has institutionalised the third-party repository. A PPA gives any registered Ubuntu developer a personal repository into […]

More reviews, some miscellaneous news

So there’s been some more reviews of 2008… Here’s one! Here’s another! Here’s another! And here’s one more! All pretty nice reviews so far, which is great. As for Cooker, it now has the new beta 3 of KDE 4, mostly. We are looking at backporting it to 2008, but this has some problems which […]

New NVIDIA, ATI driver backports for 2007 Spring

okay, so we’re all about the shiny new 2008, but I know there’s those of you out there who are perfectly happy with 2007 Spring thankyouverymuch and won’t be upgrading till it goes out of maintenance. So if you’re in this group but you’d like the latest proprietary NVIDIA or ATI driver for your card, […]

2008 One GNOME out

Okay, so those of you who kept on bugging me about the GNOME version of 2008 One can stop now, it’s out! Grab the torrent or find the ISO on the public mirrors. Updated both my mail and web server VMs to 2008 today. Went very smoothly in both cases, via urpmi. Everything seems to […]

Webkit in Mandriva 2008

Just a followup to my posts from a few months back about GTK+ WebKit stuff. I haven’t actually checked in the other major distros, but I believe Mandriva 2008 may actually be the first to ship a Webkit-based GTK+ browser. It includes Midori 0.0.6, built against SVN revision 25144 of WebKit (WebKitGdk as the GTK+ […]

Public Service Announcement: NOKEY errors final

A final message on the NOKEY issue: all mirrors in the official list are now okay with the sole exception of Any other mirror proposed by the Mandriva repository configuration tools should now be okay. As mentioned in the previous message, if you have already set up your repositories and are encountering the NOKEY […]

Public Service Announcement: NOKEY errors follow-up

Following up the previous post on this topic, the issue with missing pubkey files leading to NOKEY errors is now resolved on the majority of mirror servers. The following servers from the list used by the Mandriva tools have been tested and found to be GOOD: […]

Public Service Announcement: NOKEY errors with 2008

This is for anyone getting NOKEY errors trying to install packages from the online repositories for Mandriva Linux 2008. The problem was that the pubkey files, which contain the keys used to sign packages in each repository, were missing from the media_info directories in the 2008 tree, so when it was adding the repositories, Mandriva […]