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randr 1.2: mode and display switching for Intel graphics chipsets

Wow, I’m on a roll today! After getting VirtualBox going earlier, I came across a blog post from Ross Burton. He and I have been in the same situation for a while. We both have laptops with Intel chipsets that we use regularly with external displays. For both of us, our external display has a […]

VMware to VirtualBox

ATTENTION GOOGLERS: Both sections of this page are now out of date. If you want to move from VMware to VirtualBox, what you really, really want is VirtualBox 2.1 or later. As of that version, VirtualBox fully supports VMware’s VMDK disk image format, so you can simply load your VMware disk image into VirtualBox, which […]

What’s new, pussycat

Thought it was about time to write a bit of an update on what’s been happening with Mandriva lately. Yesterday I went out and picked up a 1GB RAM module to upgrade my laptop to 1.5GB. (Took me ten minutes to convince the salesman that yes, I could use a 1GB module to upgrade my […]


so just after I re-schedule my trip back to the U.K. to be in March instead of my birthday in February, I find out that Ash (possibly my favourite live band ever) are playing in Manchester on my birthday. Curses.