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Sign o’ the times

Just idly browsing through IGN, noticed a rather interesting juxtaposition. There’s a review of Bubble Bobble, which just came out as a downloadable for the Wii. This is notable because it’s written in a way which assumes no prior knowledge of the game. Many of the reviews of these ports of old arcade titles are […]

Lazyweb: Firefox option?

Lazyweb, O Lazyweb… Is there a Firefox option to disallow sites from resizing the browser window? I am finding more and more sites which resize my browser when I try and open them (usually sites with Flash), which I find *intensely* annoying. I want my browser window to be the size I set it to, […]

Alpha 2 released

So the second alpha is out today – codename Neottia. New NVIDIA and ATI drivers, nouveau driver for NVIDIA cards is available to test, KDE 4.0 is going into Cooker as we speak, and Thierry did automated rebuilds on several thousand packages since the last alpha. Should be fun! Full details are in the Club […]

The BBC, again

BBC journalists do have moments of magnificence that very few can ever hope to match… “The sight of two men pushing a partially-dressed, pale, stiff body on an office chair raised the suspicions of a passing policeman.” Well…you hope it would. You really, really do.

yak shaving time again

Working on old packages in Cooker always leads to interesting bouts of yak shaving. The latest goes like this… I’m working through the few remaining 2007.1-era packages in main. I got to libgfortran1 – an old major of libgfortran, which came from GCC 4.1.x. It’s still around because some apps haven’t been rebuilt against libgfortran2, […]

History of the BBC

I’m currently listening to an episode of The Goon Show from 1956, and was amused to note that the stock sound effects they used for gunfire were exactly the same ones used in an episode of Red Dwarf in 1993 (Gunmen Of The Apocalypse). It seems the BBC sound library never throws *anything* away. 🙂