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Plea for help

So, um, I don’t do this often, but I could do with some help. Basically: I am drowning in an unending sea of bugs. Last year we set up a much better process for handling bugs than we previously had. There is now a proper policy for bugs defining exactly what can, should, and can’t […]

Multiple external monitors, on a laptop, on Linux, with Tritton See2 USB video adapter / sisusb

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: for anyone coming to this post via Google, one, what’s written in it is mostly impossible with modern distributions, since you can’t use the old i810 driver any more with recent releases. Two, there’ll soon be a much better option – DisplayLink drivers for Linux. See here. I decided today that […]

Busy times and browsers

Some of you probably noticed I haven’t been around as much as usual this week. Been doing some major furniture rearrangement here at Monkey Central, so now I have my own desk in a corner of the living room and my feet aren’t being warmed by the rear vent of my server machine and cramped […]