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Windows Mobile synchronization: video!

Following on from my last post – I cleaned up the Windows Mobile 5+ sync support even more, and tested that it works from a completely clean install of 2008 Spring. And then I made a video, and now I’m sending it to the world. 🙂 The video shows me installing the metapackage for WM5/6 […]

Windows Mobile syncing made easy

So somehow, last night and today, I’ve more or less dropped everything else and been working on making it *really easy* to use Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices connected via USB in 2008 Spring. Happily, I’m making a lot of progress. This was the state of play as of a couple of days ago: […]

Meet the new stuff

So as the Bugzilla mail piles up happily in my inbox (I’m glad it’s an electronic inbox, if it was a real one, it would have toppled over and caused me a serious head injury by now), I spent today doing…other things. 🙂 The What’s Coming in Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring page on the Wiki […]

Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring RC 1 “Serapia” released

Yep, the 2008 Spring pre-release cycle just hit the late beta…err, I mean, release candidate…stage. RC1 has lots of juicy stuff, including the new look for 2008 Spring (which is very pretty), KDE 3.5.9 and 4.0.1, some new default applications, the drakconnect / ndiswrapper bug finally fixed!, WPA-EAP support, new NVIDIA / ATI drivers, and […]