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Mandriva: 100/100 on Acid3

So, thanks to the fine work of the WebKit team – particularly the GTK+ port – Mandriva can now achieve 100/100 on the Acid3 web standards compliance test. I’d include a picture, but I’m not in a position to upload them right now. Cooker users can test with webkit-0-0.32531.2mdv2009.0 and either use Midori (package ‘midori’) […]

Hate to whine, but…

Yes, well, it’s not nice to whine, but…check this out. That’s the most important news in the Linux world from the last week, according to Slashdot. Notice anything missing, perhaps? Yep, according to Slashdot, a preview release of Granular Linux, a vague Gartner report on the future of open source, Red Hat sending out a […]

Personal milestone

So, sod major new distribution releases and anniversaries and all that malarkey – I hit a far more important milestone yesterday: 08 70 X X 9/ 7/ X X X 72 186 boo yah. next stop, 200!

Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring released

Yes, it’s finally done. And for the first time…well…possibly ever? Certainly since I can recall, anyway…it’s on time. In fact, a day early, really, as our initial plan set release for the 10th. Yep, 2008 Spring is done, we stuck a fork in it and sent it to the mirrors this morning. Early seeding has […]