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Review of Flash in The Register

I was happy to be able to get a review of the new 2008 Spring Flash into The Register, one of the biggest U.K. tech news sites – sometimes writing lots of nitpicking letters to journalists pays off, who knew :). Of course, it was good that their reviewer liked it – that always helps… […]

More on Windows Mobile synchronization

I should mention, actually, that I’m working on Windows Mobile synchronization again. I bought a couple of old iPaqs off eBay, so now I can get synchronization of Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier devices working. Unfortunately, one of the iPaqs I bought – a 3850 – doesn’t seem to work, but the other one – […]

They’re multiplying…

I really don’t know what it is about being a geek – systems just seem to multiply. I realized today that since I upgraded my HTPC, I actually had an entire system in parts lying around the house; the old motherboard and CPU from the HTPC, plus a hard disk that was no longer needed […]