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Whoops – outgoing mail

I wondered why my last post wasn’t getting any comments – I figured if anything deserved ’em, that did. 🙂 Then I realized that outgoing mail from the blog likely wasn’t working, as I’d forgotten to set it up again last time I re-installed the webserver. So, I just did that. If you tried to […]

Why I don’t like Canonical

Very important to preface this with: it’s my own personal opinion, written on my own personal blog. This obviously relates to Mandriva and is informed by my own experience working there, but it is not the official opinion of Mandriva, and please don’t read it as such. If you want Mandriva’s opinion, ask our PR […]

Dirty little secret

So, I’ve got a dirty little secret… I quite like Windows Mobile. Yes, I know, there’s a support group for people like me. I know! I’m sorry! I’ve used tons of phones. I’m a geek, first of all. We’re congenitally incapable of using the same piece of hardware for more than six months in a […]

Mandriva 2009 InstallFest, and what I’ve been doing lately

We are running an InstallFest for Mandriva 2009 in November. If you want to take part, write in! All the details are on the Wiki page. As well as desperately trying to keep up with all the post-2009 community stuff – forums are busy, and I’m following up on reviews all over the place – […]

…it’s got bells on…

That’s it. The Labour Party (of the U.K.) has officially jumped the shark. Here’s Jacqui Smith (home secretary) attempting to spin the news that they’ve got their violent crime figures completely wrong for the last decade: “She told the BBC: “What the statisticians are clear about is that the increases in the most serious forms […]

The Register: patchy, but…

I’m a long time reader of The Register, but I find it’s been dropping in my estimations over the last few years. It’s a great case study in how losing focus reduces quality. They expanded to cover a great number of topics they never used to bother with, and also (this bit’s probably controversial) went […]


Yesterday, I bought a very sober black woollen overcoat, and a dressing gown. Last week I bought…a red sweater, and a blue sweater. I am slightly worried I’m turning into Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame).

Mandriva Linux 2009 released

Mandriva has today released Mandriva Linux 2009, the new major release of the popular distribution. 2009 is a bold release which brings the new KDE 4 as the default desktop, along with a re-designed installer and Mandriva Control Center and many other new features. Other significant updates include GNOME 2.24, 3, Mozilla Firefox 3, […]