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Mandriva Cooker (2009 Spring) boot times

Fred looked into bootchart and discovered the Cooker package is just broken, and suggested I use the 2009.0 one for now, while he fixes Cooker. So I did, and here’s the results. What Fred calls ‘perceived boot time’ – time to GDM up and running – is 0:17: bootchart. What Fred calls ‘real boot time’ […]

Public Service Announcement

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Hereafter follows a HappyAssassin Public Service Announcement: If you are thinking of converting your Mandriva system’s root partition to ext4: don’t. This information is brought to you by Adam’s afternoon spent salvaging the consequences of said operation… In other news, I spent yesterday tweaking my new system. It’s now running […]

Taking it easy

Ahh, I’m enjoying this. Still, I did a bit of packaging. Updated amsn in Cooker to current SVN, which fixes a problem with login mostly not working that was affecting Cooker users. And it’s 100% more shiny. Helped Anssi update NVIDIA driver to 180.22, and he backported it to 2009, since it’s a stable release […]


Watching the Canucks play San Jose in a great game on Hockey Night, saw a wonderfully Vancouver sign – slightly odd guy in the audience holding a pink sign which just says, in black marker, “Loud Noises”. 🙂

End of project

Well, sorry I’ve been quiet for a couple of days. Allow me to explain! Unfortunately, I’m canceling the donations project. A few days ago I started checking the numbers on it, and…it just isn’t working out. In the interests of full disclosure, here’s the breakdown. I always expected there’d be an initial flurry of donations […]

Broadcom wireless driver update, Windows Mobile tethering…

This morning I noticed there’s a new version of the Broadcom proprietary wireless driver available, so I updated the packages for that in Mandriva Cooker and 2009. That also provides a neat excuse to write about using the driver on 2009. I’m hoping it will be the default driver for these interfaces on 2009 Spring. […]

Quiet day

Well, to be honest, I took it a bit easy today – just did the forums, cleaned up a bit on the Errata, and a bit of packaging too. Did come across one interesting issue as I was doing the Errata – this one. It seems that in 2009 there’s quite a high chance of […]

Navit – route navigation system for Linux

I mentioned yesterday I was working on a package for Navit, a route navigation system for Linux. This morning I worked out the kinks in it with Adam Pigg, who requested the package, and one of the upstream developers. They integrated some of my patches into upstream and fixed some of the issues I’d noticed […]

Matthew Garrett on the latest absurd Google rumours

I just wanted to highlight Matthew Garrett’s post on the latest more absurd Google rumours to hit the online press, because the man speaks the truth. However, I’d add that it’s not as easy as he thinks to be an analyst. Sure, all you have to do is generate random combinations of the latest hot […]

PolicyKit (and KDE), Navit and more

Well, I woke up this morning and the site wasn’t working, which isn’t good! So I did a quick fix (gave it an extra 128MB of RAM in VMware and turned on wp-super-cache) and started looking into hosting options. That’s going to be a fun area to get into. Sigh. Still, seems to be holding […]