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Crash Catcher test day on Thursday

This week’s test day is on Crash Catcher, a new feature which will allow you to submit automatic bug reports when packaged applications crash in Fedora 11. If people could come along to help with the testing, that would be awesome. This is a new feature that will be showing up in Fedora 11 and […]

20 Second Startup test day follow up, etc

Sorry I haven’t posted about work much lately, haven’t had time – had quite a lot of non-work stuff to do lately. So, last Thursday we had the 20 Second Startup project Test Day. It went really well, which was great. We had a good turnout of people both from inside RH and from the […]


No, not software, the real kind. There was a wonderful line in this week’s Guardian Weekly, in a review by Stephen Bayley of the Royal Academy’s show on the great classical architect Palladio. Bayley writes “I bumped into Robert Adam, Britain’s leading ‘traditional’ architect, carefully taking notes. I asked him what Norman Foster could learn […]

Incredible advancements in the field of computer science

I read with interest that Google has come up with yet another incredibly clever invention. It’s an email client application. You’re with me so far, right? Using this application you can access mail stored on a mail server, and send emails to other people. Now that’s already pretty damn nifty in my book! Jeez, what […]

Elisa on Fedora, follow-up

So, someone pointed out in the comments that the Elisa packages for F10 are very old. I got in touch with the maintainer to see what’s up. It turns out he would dearly love to be updating them every week and have them bang up to date, but he’s been waiting to have the new […]


Now THAT was a hell of a game. I’m gonna stop screaming at the TV now.

20 Second Startup test day on Thursday

There will be a Test Day focusing on the 20 Second Startup feature for Fedora 11 on Thursday, 19th February, in #fedora-qa on Freenode. Test Days are a great way to get involved with QA as you know there’ll be lots of people around who can help you out, and this topic is one everyone […]

Elisa: 47.6% more rocking than ever

Elisa just keeps on rocking more each week. They release an update to the 0.5 series every week with useful bugfixes and small new features, and rarely break anything. This week’s update – 0.5.28 – is particularly dear to my heart, as they implemented a feature I’ve been bugging the poor Fluendo guys about for […]

Fedora QA Wiki revamp: phase 1 complete

I’m happy to announce that phase 1 of the previously discussed QA group Wiki space revamp project is complete. You can now see the new front page and Joining in page in their final locations. I hope everyone agrees that they’re an improvement on the old model. As well as those two pages, we made […]

Revising the QA Wiki space

Well, time to start posting here about what I’m actually doing for Fedora! There’s a ton of stuff on my to-do list and lots of interesting discussions and ideas I’d like to write down, but I’ll try and stick to one thing at a time. One project we’re doing quite well with is revising the […]