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Testing the Fedora 11 Installation Guide

Every release, the dedicated volunteers in the Documentation team produce the Fedora Installation Guide, an exhaustive and detailed guide to installing Fedora. For Fedora 11, they have asked us in the QA team to co-ordinate ‘testing’ of the Installation Guide. By doing installations following the instructions in the Installation Guide, we can find issues in […]

Nouveau test day follow-up, Radeon test day announcement, and more

So we had a wonderfully successful Nouveau test day on Thursday. The turnout was great and we got really high-quality feedback, which is already allowing Ben to fix several bugs in Rawhide updates. A huge thanks to everyone who came out and helped test. Remember, if you couldn’t make it to the test day, you […]

Belated Ada Lovelace day post

I’m a day late, but the Ada Lovelace Day project seems like a great idea, so I’d hate to miss out. My nominee for Ada Lovelace Day is Anne Nicolas, Engineering Director at Mandriva. She doesn’t have a blog, unfortunately. Anne’s been working at Mandriva (previously at Edge-IT, which was bought by Mandriva) for over […]

Fedora 11 NVIDIA / nouveau test day on Thursday

It’s nearly time for the big one! Thursday is the NVIDIA / nouveau Test Day for Fedora 11. The nouveau driver is replacing the older nv driver for NVIDIA cards in Fedora 11, and we need widespread testing to make sure it works properly on as many cards as possible. We’re doing everything we can […]

Even smoking!

There’s a great article on CBC (Canadian national broadcaster) today, about the last porno theater in Vancouver. The particular sentence that tickled me (and others in the comments) was: “During a series of visits by police in uniform in 2008, Jarvie says officers witnessed sex acts, an overwhelming unpleasant pungent odour, puddles of body fluids […]


Dan Williams’ post on the compatibility of various 3G data cards with NetworkManager is one of the most surprisingly readable things I’ve seen for a long time. Dan, if you ever get bored of the whole icky code writing side of things, you could walk straight into a job as a columnist…

News from the Poulsbo front

So, two interesting pieces of news from the Poulsbo front. First, hopeful indications on the driver development front. Phoronix presents it fairly negatively, but the key thing here is that Intel guys are actively working on providing the driver in a form that’s generally usable: that’s clear from the discussion. Reading between the lines, they […]

Xfce test day tomorrow (2009-03-19)

It’s that time again! This week’s weekly test day, happening tomorrow (Thursday 2009-03-19) is on Xfce, the plucky little desktop that could. As always, the test day will be happening all day long on the #fedora-qa IRC channel – see this page if you don’t know how to use IRC. The maintainer of Xfce in […]

Special Test Day tomorrow: DeviceKit

As you may know by now, the QA group for which I shill tirelessly runs regular test days each Thursday to try and get focused testing for some area or another of the upcoming Fedora release. This Thursday’s is on Xfce, so stay tuned for info on that. However, tomorrow – Tuesday – we have […]

Public notice

It occurs to me that any pedestrian who happened to make use of the thoroughfare below my balcony tonight may have observed me committing the terrible faux pas of drinking brandy from a port glass. Be it hereby noted that I don’t care in the slightest. Goodnight!