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SSSD Test Day on Thursday

This Thursday, April 30th, will be a Test Day for SSSD, the System Security Services Daemon. SSSD provides several key enhancements to Fedora 11, including: * Offline caching for network credentials * LDAP connection pooling * D-Bus InfoPipe service for extending user information (e.g. face browser images, preferred language, etc..) A lot of prep work […]


somewhere in Carolina, Greg DeKoenigsberg just bounced off the ceiling.

Quick tip for those struggling with SPF

I’m mostly a very lightweight geek, but I do one thing that’s quite hard core, these days: I run my own mailserver, rather than letting Google do it for me. (I know they just want to love me. I know, I know.) This includes outgoing mail. I send all my mail through my own postfix […]

Mandriva 2009 Spring coming soon

In non-Fedora news – my old home will be releasing Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring very shortly. I haven’t been able to stay as involved with Mandriva as I would have liked to, but I did at least manage to contribute a few bits, and keep Elisa pretty much up to date for the release. I […]

The Great Mixer Debate (or, Where Did All My Sliders Go?)

Those of you – you poor, poor people – who read the Fedora development mailing list – were treated this week to a flamefest (or, as it is classically referred to in the British press, ‘full and frank exchange of views’) regarding the change to the official GNOME audio volume control applications which will appear […]

LinuxFest recap

I had a great weekend at LinuxFest Northwest, which my employer (Red Hat) was good enough to send me to. This was only my second conference and my first user/developer-focused one (Mandriva has a rather restricted event budget), so I didn’t go too far in terms of organizing events or giving a talk – I […]


I am here at LinuxFest Northwest – right now I’m sitting in Larry’s ‘Introduction to Fedora’ talk (in the back row of course). If anyone else is here and didn’t say hi yet, please do. I look mostly like this: only I’m wearing glasses, and a black button shirt with white pinstripes. Tomorrow I’m thinking […]

Bank job

From this story: “Police saw the girl smashing a computer monitor with a keyboard and flinging the keyboard against a window, breaking it.” Now I’m willing to bet money that was a fine IBM Model M keyboard, just like mine. Weighs a good four pounds with its solid metal backing plate. Useful for both typing […]


oh, man, that was tough on the heart! canucks win with 18 seconds left in overtime…alex burrows is a legend. that was a hell of a tight game, though. now we get to sit back and see if the canes can win another game with a sneaky shove on the goaltender. YEAH WE ALL SAW […]

On the Pirate Bay

If Andrew Orlowski (with whom I’ve had a long standing vigorous and enthusiastic correspondence on related topics) is reading he might be a bit surprised at my point of view on this, but I’m frankly a bit baffled by some of the reactions to the Pirate Bay trial. Yes, the legal foundation of the judgement […]