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More hardware fun

In a move that would give the honourable Will Woods paroxysms, today I upgraded my HTPC from Mandriva 2009 to Mandriva 2009 Spring. Live, with urpmi. Over an ssh link. While the media center it runs (Freevo) was still running in the foreground. …playing a video. Well, the upgrade happened, the video kept playing, and […]

Dear World

Please take five minutes to learn the difference between: LOSE and LOOSE REIN and REIGN that is all. Thank you.

Fedora 11 Common Bugs page

So, this week I’ve got to do something I’m pretty familiar with! We’ve been working on the Fedora 11 Common Bugs page. In my Mandriva days, I worked a lot on the same page, which is known as Errata in the Mandriva universe. Here is my magnum opus – take that, Dan Brown. The Fedora […]

link chains

I have mixed feelings about Wikipedia, but one thing that’s wonderful about it is it feels exactly like Gopher, or the very early web, used to. It’s just a big bunch of little essays on different topics, chained together with links. So I went on one of those little chain surfing excursions that Wikipedia encourages, […]

DisplayLink support for Linux coming, allegedly

Wow, this is big news. No drivers yet, but the Linux Drivers Project have their name on it, and I trust those guys. A while back I wrote about adding extra displays via a USB video adapter, on my old laptop. Long story short – it’s hard as nails, and the results were fairly crappy, […]

Packaging standards, again

Oh look, the old chestnut’s back. This also came up as one of the more dubious bits (to my mind) of Bryan Lunduke’s “Why Linux Sucks” talk I wrote about a few posts back. I don’t understand why this debate won’t go away and die already, because it’s fundamentally silly, as anyone who’s actually bothered […]

Quick Poulsbo update

So I built the mesa GL libs from Ubuntu and tried 3D acceleration and it still doesn’t work. Not really sure why. Might just be that I need to rebuild things in a different order, I’m thinking about it now. I’m hoping to get the 3D acceleration working as I suspect using Compiz might give […]

Native Poulsbo (GMA 500) graphics driver for Fedora 10+

So, yes – today I successfully got the ‘psb’ driver from the Ubuntu Mobile repositories built and working on Fedora 10, with my Sony Vaio P. Some new packages showed up in the Ubuntu repositories this morning, newer versions built for 9.04. So I thought I’d give it another shot on Fedora. And, with a […]

Stop the presses: Poulsbo on Fedora 10 – working

yes! I have psb up on Fedora 10. I just had it driving the P’s internal panel at 1600×768 and my 20″ monitor at 1680×1050 – side-by-side. which is actually pretty impressive. It has a decent RandR implementation. Details and packages to come, I’m still twiddling with some bits (like why it doesn’t work unless […]

Someone pass me the popcorn

Ah, look – don’t say I didn’t tell you so. (As always, these posts are entirely my own personal opinion and not in any way related to employers current, past or future.) Here’s Canonical, revealing at least one way it’s going to try and monetize Ubuntu. Here’s the shit, hitting the fan.