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Native Poulsbo (GMA 500) graphics driver for Fedora 10+

So, yes – today I successfully got the ‘psb’ driver from the Ubuntu Mobile repositories built and working on Fedora 10, with my Sony Vaio P. Some new packages showed up in the Ubuntu repositories this morning, newer versions built for 9.04. So I thought I’d give it another shot on Fedora. And, with a […]

Stop the presses: Poulsbo on Fedora 10 – working

yes! I have psb up on Fedora 10. I just had it driving the P’s internal panel at 1600×768 and my 20″ monitor at 1680×1050 – side-by-side. which is actually pretty impressive. It has a decent RandR implementation. Details and packages to come, I’m still twiddling with some bits (like why it doesn’t work unless […]

Someone pass me the popcorn

Ah, look – don’t say I didn’t tell you so. (As always, these posts are entirely my own personal opinion and not in any way related to employers current, past or future.) Here’s Canonical, revealing at least one way it’s going to try and monetize Ubuntu. Here’s the shit, hitting the fan.