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DisplayLink support for Linux coming, allegedly

Wow, this is big news. No drivers yet, but the Linux Drivers Project have their name on it, and I trust those guys. A while back I wrote about adding extra displays via a USB video adapter, on my old laptop. Long story short – it’s hard as nails, and the results were fairly crappy, […]

Packaging standards, again

Oh look, the old chestnut’s back. This also came up as one of the more dubious bits (to my mind) of Bryan Lunduke’s “Why Linux Sucks” talk I wrote about a few posts back. I don’t understand why this debate won’t go away and die already, because it’s fundamentally silly, as anyone who’s actually bothered […]

Quick Poulsbo update

So I built the mesa GL libs from Ubuntu and tried 3D acceleration and it still doesn’t work. Not really sure why. Might just be that I need to rebuild things in a different order, I’m thinking about it now. I’m hoping to get the 3D acceleration working as I suspect using Compiz might give […]