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Another perspective on Poulsbo

I come at the Poulsbo problem from, pretty much, a plain old ‘frustrated user with the time to try and build random things’ perspective. The redoubtable Matthew Garrett comes at it from the ‘equally frustrated, very smart kernel developer’ perspective. His post on the mess is well worth reading for a different angle on the […]

Ubuntu Wiki – not shareable?

I may be missing something here (be great if I am), but it seems to me that the content of the Ubuntu Wiki – which contains some great stuff – is not licensed under one of the common ‘shareable’ licenses, like CC, GFDL or OPL. Neither the front page nor any of the several random […]

Murphy’s law

So, this being the day we’re leaving for England – and a Sunday to boot – the fan in my server machine naturally figured today would be just about the perfect day to drop dead. And, of course, my server machine is a Shuttle ST62K, which uses a heatpipe / rear heatsink / fan / […]

Meaningless statistical joy

Well, it’s hard to kick the habit of a lifetime, and I still watch the happily meaningless charts on the Distrowatch front page. Fedora has just gone past Mint into third place. As I recall, that’s the first time in really rather a long time it’s been up there. Mandriva’s in sixth, now, which is […]

Fixing up Logitech Harmony support

This morning I learned some new stuff. That’s always fun. I have a Logitech Harmony remote control. This is one of those smart ones which can be programmed to control just about anything, and control multiple things to do a single ‘operation’ (e.g. I can press the ‘watch TV’ button, and it switches on my […]

State of the Poulsbo Address

So, time for a Poulsbo update! I have updated my P to Fedora 11, and I have psb running on it. I’m using all the stuff from my F10 post, except I’m using the Mandriva dkms-psb package for the kernel module instead of my psb-kmod. I haven’t actually tried using my psb-kmod package instead, yet, […]

On Fedora 11 installation

I have been, as I mentioned, following up on Fedora 11 release stuff. Sadly, there’ve been a few very negative reviews and comments, based on problems with the partitioning stage of installation. So, here’s the deal on that. I’ve been explaining it in comments and so on, but I thought it would be worth a […]


So, I had some grand plans for this week, which I haven’t yet managed to work on as I’ve been busy following up the F11 release around the news sites, IRC and forums, as I used to do for Mandriva. This probably isn’t strictly part of my job description, but it does ‘feel’ right. I […]

Hockey has nothing to do with Fedora here, either

Just a quick note that, despite the refereeing^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HBlackhawks beating the Canucks earlier in the playoffs, I’ve still been watching, of course. Naturally I’m pulling for the Penguins in the finals, because they’re exciting and fun, and the Wings are dull, annoying, and Josh won our little contest. 🙂 It was great to see them pull […]


I just love that I get paid to mess around with fun crap. I’ve had ‘package navit for Fedora’ on my todo list for a week or so now, so today I decided to get down to it. It was quite easy to convert my Mandriva package to a Fedora one, but then I had […]