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Comedy name of the day

This year’s edition of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have a safety named Sandy Beveridge. Not too tasty!

Launchpad open sourced

Well, I must admit I’ve been one of those who’s tended to take the ‘when pigs fly’ approach to the much-vaunted final open sourcing of Launchpad. It seems that today’s the big day for the take-off of the Royal Porcine Flying Corps, as it appears that Launchpad has been fully open sourced. If there’s truly […]

Fit and Finish: Power management and suspend Test Day tomorrow

The Desktop team’s Fit and Finish project is going great guns, and holding its second event tomorrow. This Test Day will focus on power management, and suspend and resume functionality. Please take a look at the event page for information on the when, where and what: it’ll be 12:00UTC to 21:00UTC, in #fedora-fit-and-finish , and […]

back home, some work done!

Got back home to Vancouver today, and worked all afternoon (which at least should help me avoid jet lag). Feeling extremely fatigued now, but I’ve done a couple of useful bits: First, I (finally) pushed builds of congruity to Rawhide, F10 and F11. For now they’re just in updates-testing for F10 and F11, but I’ll […]

Bug information pages, severity and priority, fit and finish and more

I shall be off work for the next week (plus weekends), so you’ll probably see things slow down in this blog too. But before I go away, I thought I’d post an update on some of the exciting stuff that’s been happening in QA and BugZappers lately. The long-running project to use the severity and […]