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Poulsbo update

Just a quick update on the Poulsbo stuff. It’s in review for RPM Fusion, now – see here. The current packages in the repo should be pretty damn bulletproof, up to kernel 2.6.30. I’m running them on 2.6.30 on my Vaio P now and they’re solid, it stays up forever and everything works. I starting […]

Test day update: tomorrow is Dracut test day

It’s that time of the week again: test day time! There was no Fit and Finish test day this week, but tomorrow – 2009-08-27 – is Dracut test day. This is a very important test day, as Dracut is a vital new piece of infrastructure for Fedora 12. Dracut is intended to replace mkinitrd and […]

Rawhide: daily live spins are now available!

There’s been an exciting development recently in Fedora QA land: thanks to the superhero Kevin Fenzi and friends, we’re now doing an automated Rawhide build of each official live Fedora spin every night, and publishing them here. Yep – nightly Rawhide live CDs! (Or DVDs, when the generated images are too big for a CD. […]

Hardware hell

Well, this has been an interesting weekend so far! Yesterday I decided it was past time for my partner to get a PC update (he was still using the Athlon 2400+-based system I built him over four years ago), so I headed off to Netlink armed with a list of parts and some price match […]

Test Day updates

Time for a quick Test Day update! Today – right this very minute – is the Fit and Finish group’s printing Test Day. If you have a few minutes to spare, hit up that Wiki page, do some testing, report your results and join #fedora-fit-and-finish on IRC to discuss the situation. Fit and Finish is […]

Poulsbo update: kernel 2.6.30 support

Kernel 2.6.30 went into updates-testing for Fedora 11 today, so I decided to test the Poulsbo stuff with it. Not at all surprisingly, the module doesn’t build out of the box with 2.6.30, it hits two failures. One of them I fixed myself, for the other I am eternally grateful to the wonderful Chuck Ebbert […]

Poulsbo update: cleaner, faster, stronger, video playback acceleration

I’ve updated the Poulsbo packages a bit over the last two days. Thanks to a suggestion from lkundrak the libdrm-poulsbo package is a lot cleaner now – it installs entirely to a subdirectory so it can co-exist happily with the main Fedora libdrm packages. I cleaned up a few other rough edges, but I made […]

NetworkManager Test Day on Thursday

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again – Test Day time! The first main cycle Test Day of the Fedora 12 cycle is happening on Thursday, and it’s all about…NetworkManager. We’ve got some fairly specific test cases lined up (on the page already) to test the new features of NetworkManager for Fedora 12, but […]

Intel GMA500 (Poulsbo) on Fedora 11: repository (with working 3D / compiz support)

So, finally I bit the bullet and did it. I’ve set up a repository with working packages for Intel GMA500 (Poulsbo) support on Fedora 11. You can just enable the repository and install the driver and it will work. UPDATE 2 The driver is now available in RPM Fusion. All you need to do is […]

Poulsbo update: Compiz working on F11!

This weekend I got around to testing out the latest updates to the Poulsbo (Intel GMA 500 graphics chipset I have written about multiple times before) front. Newer versions of the kernel module, the firmware and the GLX module have trickled into the Ubuntu secret sauce repository over the last few weeks. Happily, they produce […]