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Anaconda storage Test Day tomorrow

It’s Test Day time again. Tomorrow – Thursday 2009-10-01 – is Anaconda storage Test Day. Due to some changes in approach, this Test Day has had a bit of an identity crisis, but the end result is we’re basically looking for testing of all possible storage scenarios during installation except the use of software RAID, […]

Miscellaneous annoyance of the day

I bought Dollhouse season 1 on Blu-Ray recently (not a recommendation, yet – I actually didn’t watch it at all on TV, partly because of the poor initial reviews, but I tend to watch more TV in winter due to the weather anyway and thought I really ought to check it out). Sat down to […]

You know…

You know you’ve been watching too much sport when you see one of those commercials for the channel where they string together half a dozen highlights from all sorts of different events…and you realize you saw every single one live when it first happened. (Also, when said commercial is in the middle of Poker Sports […]

GMA 500 / Poulsbo driver for Fedora 11: soon to be in RPM Fusion!

Thanks to the folks at RPM Fusion for accepting my entirely private individual side (look at the timestamp on this post!) as a packager, my packaging of the Ubuntu-sourced GMA 500 / Poulsbo graphics driver – previously available in a repository I provided myself, as documented in this post – will be moving into RPM […]

Sexism debate

Just wanted to reprint and expand upon something I wrote as a comment on the Geek Feminism blog post about Mark Shuttleworth’s sexist comment. To preface – this isn’t particularly about Mark at all. It was a slip of the tongue, it happens to everyone, and when you make a little mistake you say sorry […]

News: Blocker bug review on Friday, video acceleration updates

Just some miscellaneous news items. This Friday, 2009-09-25, will be the third Fedora 12 Beta blocker bug review meeting: it’s at 15:00 UTC in Freenode #fedora-bugzappers . Please do come along if you’re interested in helping make Fedora 12 Beta release go as smoothly as possible. If you have any bugs you think are important […]

Test Day update: Xfce Test Day Thursday 2009-09-24

Time for another Test Day update! This coming Thursday, 2009-09-24, will be Xfce Test Day. The Xfce spin of Fedora is popular among Xfce enthusiasts, and the maintainer Kevin Fenzi is always keen to have it as polished as possible for each Fedora release, so please come out to Freenode IRC #fedora-test-day and help us […]

Sound / PulseAudio Test Day on Wednesday 2009-09-16

So after the excitement of last week’s Test Week, we have another big ticket Test Day coming up on Wednesday: sound Test Day. We will be doing some broad-based tests to try and make sure that typical audio use works properly on as wide as possible a range of hardware in Fedora 12. And […]

Intel Test Day tomorrow

Quick reminder – rounding out Graphics Test Week, tomorrow is Intel graphics Test Day. As with the Radeon and Nouveau events, we’ll be in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC all day long, and live images are already available from the Wiki page so you can get down to testing. Please do spare some of your time […]

Nouveau Test Day tomorrow

A quick reminder that tomorrow (or today, for many people!) is Nouveau Test Day in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, please swing by, grab the live images from the Test Day page, and help test out nouveau for Fedora 12!