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Test Day update: i18n Test Day 2009-10-29

Tomorrow (for me, anyway, probably today for most) – 2009-10-29 – sees the final Test Day of the Fedora 12 cycle, on i18n (internationalization). This is a key topic for many Fedora users, covering the rendering of text in non-Roman alphabets, and input methods for those languages that require them. The test day page is […]

This week’s Mandelson Award goes to…

…Canonical, for their fine effort in announcing the end of free availability of Ubuntu discs in a blog post entitled Keeping Ubuntu CDs available. Well played, madam, well played indeed. As a former part-time PR drone, I salute you.

Test Day update: tomorrow is super-easy power management Test Day!

It’s that time again: despite the ongoing excitement of the Fedora 12 Beta release, the Test Day schedule rolls along implacably, crushing the weak and puny beneath its pitiless wheels. Wait, that’s not right. It’s a happy, careful Test Day schedule of love. It would never crush anyone, let alone the weak and puny. Phew. […]

Fedora 12 Beta is go!

Happy day – today we released Fedora 12 Beta. You can get it here. The full set of editions is immediately available. We’re really pretty happy with this release: we think the quality is excellent for a beta release, and the level of new features and improvements over its predecessors is great. I linked to […]

Fedora 12 goodness

I just spent a fun hour and a half with Rahul bashing on the Fedora 12 Beta announcement text, trying to keep it as short and readable as possible while highlighting as many of the awesome new features in Fedora 12 as we could. It was a great way to get some of the great […]

Internationalization test day postponed

Sorry for the late notice – kept meaning to write this post, but forgot! The i18n Test Day which was planned for today, 2009-10-15, has been postponed. We don’t have a new date for it yet. Very sorry to anyone who was planning to turn out! Of course, we’d still welcome your tests of Fedora […]

Fedora 12 Beta: the final sprint

After we delayed the original Fedora 12 Beta release date by a week – it was originally planned to come out today – we confirmed the schedule yesterday, so now we’re on the final sprint to have it released next week. How can you help? Good question! As Liam Li explains, you can grab the […]

Video acceleration updates, blocker bug review meeting tomorrow

I’ve pushed a couple of updates to my video acceleration repository: updated versions of libva and vdpau-video. Gwenole is working on a new version of his gnash video playback acceleration stuff, along with libva updates, which together will make Flash video acceleration possible on Poulsbo, which will be great; I’ll get those packaged as soon […]

Anaconda RAID Test Day tomorrow

It’s Test Day time again – tomorrow (2009-10-08)! Last week we tested most Anaconda storage scenarios, but this week we’re focussing in on RAID. All kinds of RAID – soft RAID, hard RAID, BIOS RAID, mdraid, dmraid. If it’s RAID-y, we’re there. If you have the necessary hardware, please come out to the test day […]

Dependency problems: the long-term solution…AutoQA!

Just wanted to highlight something related to Rahul’s recent posts about dependency problems in Fedora repositories. I support his proposal to enable –skip-broken by default in yum, but wanted to highlight the most likely long-term solution to this problem, which Rahul mentioned too. AutoQA is one of the QA team’s major projects. It’s a suite […]