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Misc stuff – comment spam update, Seagate, and video acceleration repo

So, I enabled akismet, and it seems to be on top of the comment spam. I also disabled login with anything but OpenID, just to keep things simple. Let me know if you have any trouble logging in or posting comments. Hard drives can be an emotive topic among those who have to deal with […]

Ikea light bulbs: rubbish

This is by way of being a general public service announcement. Don’t buy Ikea energy saving light bulbs. They’re crap. I bought a job lot of the things from Ikea last year. Let me see – nine of ’em in total. These would be the awesome bulbs that last for ten years, remember. Out of […]

Comment spam counter

So, since enabling my whizzy new comment authentication system, I’ve two comments kindly offering information on handjobs, one on pharmaceuticals and one which I’d really rather not describe. Good thing all this sophisticated modern authentication stuff is so spam-proof, eh? Sigh.

OpenID (and others) login support

So, I’ve had many annoying whines^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H welcome requests from readers in the past for OpenID authentication for posting comments. I didn’t implement this for a long time. I told people it was because I was worried about spam but really it’s because I’m freaking lazy. I tried to enable this a while back with the […]

Video acceleration repository updates

Yesterday and Tuesday I pushed several updates to my experimental video acceleration repositories. Most obviously, there’s now an F11, an F12 and a Rawhide (F13) repo, all in the logical places. I also updated all components; libva is up to sds7, vdpau-video is up to 0.5.2. mplayer-accelerated is up to 20091106 and mplayer-mt is up […]

Engineering fail

I’m not normally much of a one for the Windows / Microsoft-bashing – I tend to just take a live-and-let-live approach – but this write-up of a Windows kernel engineer’s talk is just hideous. Highlights: “In order to make MinWin, Microsoft had to split existing DLLs that had these unwanted dependencies, such as Kernel32.dll. The […]

Fedora 12 release celebration menu

To start: home-made garlic bread Main course: Gnocchi in a tomato, garlic and mushroom sauce, topped with grated cheese Accompaniment: Osoyoos Larose ‘Pétales d’Osoyoos’ 2005 Dessert: Tiramisu or chocolate cheesecake Accompaniment: Smith Woodhouse LBV 1995 *hic* get Fedora 12 here. We’re halfway through the port and hence a little hazy on specifics right now, but […]

New camera

We’re mostly done with the Fedora 12 release now, and I’m going for a weekend break to Seattle with my partner tomorrow, so I thought it was a perfect time to indulge myself in a shiny new toy – a new camera. My last one was a fairly cheap Sony compact bought three years ago, […]


you wind up doing some very odd things as part of QA: mdadm –force –create /dev/md/ddf –metadata=ddf –raid-disks 1 /dev/vdb yes, that is as weird as it looks…

The snow cone-ometer indicates we’re gurgling at approximately 3,674.56 Belgiums per Connery!

,or, Fun With Benchmarks, Part #5,468. That fine and most reliable periodical WorksWithU decided to take a look at the nouveau driver. After a fairly innocuous introduction, they decided it’d be a great idea to do a performance test. It’s worth pointing out that they are, at least on some level, aware of a rather […]