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Android: some awesome interspersed with gigantic piles of fail

So, I somehow forgot to mention that I got a new shiny: it’s an AT&T Tilt 2. Odd choice since it’s an American phone and there are several versions available in Canada, you may think, but there’s a method to my madness: it has the exact frequencies required to work on 3G networks in both […]

Running MythWeb on a separate machine from mythbackend

So, here’s something about MythTV that people may actually find useful! MythTV has, as I mentioned, a neat web frontend called MythWeb. Obviously since I have a webserver I wanted to run MythWeb on that; doesn’t make any sense to have two of my local machines exposed to the internet. To my surprise, however, these […]

Neat little logic ‘hack’: remote control power commands. Also, monitoring and auto-restarting an unreliable daemon

This is the kind of thing I just love. Now I have my PVR setup, it’s possible for the power state of the cable box to get kind of ‘out of sync’, with the combination of two different ‘setups’ – direct TV, and PVR – that use it, and my Harmony remote control for controlling […]

(Another) new tweaking project – MythTV Firewire HD PVR

So I managed to find myself yet another ‘little’ project. I’ve had an HTPC for years, running Freevo; but that’s all it’s been, it just plays videos and music. At the very start I had it set up as an analog PVR, and recorded all of two things on it, but then the sound broke […]

Kids today

So, Apple’s announced their new tablet thingy. There’s an angel outside my window *even now*. But, that’s not what really interested me. Here’s a pic from the Engadget story: Okay, The Lovely Bones I can live with. But yeah, according to whatever online store that is, one of the Twilight books and The Tipping Point […]

More tinkering: eGroupWare

Well, this has been nostalgic – I haven’t pulled a packaging all-nighter in a while! I was still sore about having to rely on Google for my calendar / contact synchronization, so I figured I’d sort that out. Cue eGroupWare. This is a rather nice SOHO/small business-targeted groupware suite; it does contacts, calendars, tasks and […]

More fiddling: bitlbee

So my heroic quest not to do anything useful at all continued today with the discovery of Bitlbee, thanks to several other Fedora / RH people. Bitlbee is yet another proxy, essentially; it proxies your IM traffic. Its special trick is that it not only proxies it, but converts it into IRC – it acts […]

The ultimate rack mount solution

On the topic of my idly-expressed rack mount desires, I am deeply indebted to Yaakov Nemoy for pointing out the following piece of massive awesomeness: the LackRack It’s a great idea, but an even better web page. I love the ‘enterprise edition’ coffee table. 🙂

Bip: IRC proxying

Continuing my heroic quest to avoid doing any actual work, I’ve just set up another Neat Geek Convenience for myself: Bip. Bip is an IRC proxy server. For the uninitiated, that just means Bip connects to IRC and you connect to Bip and relay everything through. This provides a couple of things I’ve wanted for […]

Damn you, Google

Once again I must curse Google for being so good. I try so hard not to let them get their tentacles everywhere, but damn… I like to keep my cellphone and computers in sync (contacts and calendar mainly). I’ve written about this before; I actually became one of the few True Adepts of the synce […]