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so at 9:45am today I was lining up to get into a restaurant in downtown. by 11:30am I was with a bunch of 20 people in the mezzanine of the Hyatt hotel, with 500 other people going completely nuts. around 3pm, the entire hotel just went insane, and by 4pm we were all out on […]

You never knew how much you didn’t know about the flash memory market

This is by far the most interesting blog post I’ve read this year. It also gives me a great urge to buy something – anything – made by Chumby. If the guy who runs the company is that on the ball, they must be making good stuff, I reckon…

Shaun White = holy crap

Okay, so here’s the deal – what I know about snowboarding wouldn’t fill the back of a postage stamp, but even I can tell when fifteen guys are working very very hard for a silver medal while the other would win the gold with his eyes closed and one leg tied behind his back. That […]

Color Management Test Day Thursday 2010-02-18

It’s Test Day time again! This Thursday, 2010-02-18, will be Color Management Test Day. There’s some exciting new color management features in Fedora 13. That is to say, there are color management features in Fedora 13! We’ve never had any real color management in Fedora before, so this is great news for photographers and designers […]

WPTouch: mobile view plugin for WordPress

Thanks a lot to Jaap A. Haitsma for alerting me to WPTouch, a very neat plugin for WordPress which automatically presents a mobile-friendly appearance when it detects a mobile browser user agent (and you can customize the user agent list). So now when you visit this blog with a mobile device you should get a […]

From the ‘freaking awesome’ department – 3D support on nouveau

So, this is insane: That’s Spring. What’s Spring? Well, it’s a fairly neat open source RTS framework that started out as a Total Annihilation clone, but more to the point, it’s a pretty complex 3D game. What’s cool about the picture? Well, it’s in the renderer info in the console (which you probably can’t quite […]

Test events coming up: Fedora 13 Alpha test compose

It seems early as always, but we’re just about to start up the Fedora 13 Testing Machine, which will roll on right up to the final release in May. The Alpha release is due early next month, and this week we start off by testing the first Alpha ‘test compose’, which will arrive on Thursday […]

It’s bad to be king

Wow, it’s gotta suck to be President Obama right now. You’ve got the conservatives blasting you for your evil schemes to turn the health of poor innocent Americans over to shadowy gub’mint Death Panels (as opposed to, y’know, shadowy insurance company Death Panels), while the geeks excoriate you for your dastardly plans to stop wasting […]

Fedora 13 Alpha blocker bug review meeting in 7 hours!

It’s that time again: blocker bug review meeting time! Yes, yes. Already. Tomorrow is the first blocker bug review meeting for Fedora 13 Alpha: that is, 2010-02-05 at 15:00 UTC in #fedora-bugzappers. Here are the current bugs listed as blocking the Alpha release. We’ll be discussing all of these. Have an issue you’d like to […]

First Fedora 13 Test Day coming up: NFSv4

In a break from our regularly-scheduled programming of posts about screwing around with miscellaneous technological widgets, I bring you some Fedora news! We’re getting the Fedora 13 Test Day cycle under way. This Thursday – 2010/02/04 – will be the NFSv4 Test Day. The big NFS change for Fedora 13 is that NFSv4 is now […]