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Incoming Test Days: Preupgrade and Xfce!

So this week we round out the Fedora 13 Test Day schedule, which has seen us run the gauntlet from NFS, through color management and SSSD, scale the heights of Graphics Test Week, and will see us come to a triumphant finish with the Preupgrade Test Day on Thursday 2010-04-29 and the Xfce Test Day […]

When QA Works: and memory leaks and crashes, oh my

CORRECTIONS: i) the initial version of this post incorrectly stated that Jesse Barnes works for Red Hat; he actually works for Intel, and it’s been updated to reflect that. ii) Fedora does in fact ship the GLX 1.4 backport, in Fedora 12 rather than Fedora 13. Thanks to Kevin Kofler for that information. Some of […]

Poulsbo packages for F12, F13 may be incoming

The wonderful Olivier Blin of Mandriva has come through with his patches for making the psb video driver for Poulsbo (GMA 500) chipsets work on newer versions of He reports success – including 3D – with X server 1.7. I’m hoping this will mean I can provide fully-accelerated packages for Fedora 12 soon; I […]

Graphics Test Week recap

I wrote up a recap of Graphics Test Week for the mailing lists, thought it had some interesting data so I’m reprinting it here. The insanity that is Graphics Test Week is now over, so it’s time for the recap! We had a great turnout again; thanks to everyone for testing. Here’s […]

The SmartQ V7 is here

The SmartQ V7 I wrote about arrived this morning. So, first impressions: yes, it really really *is* the Anti-iPad. The whole thing just exudes rough edges. It boots to a triple-boot selector (Windows CE, Android, Linux) you can’t use the touch screen on. First I booted up Android, and poked about a bit. It’s, well, […]

In the middle of Graphics Test Week

Just a reminder to everyone that we’re still right in the middle of Graphics Test Week. The NVIDIA Test Day yesterday went very well, and of course you can still add results to that page if you didn’t get around to testing yet. Today is the ATI/AMD Test Day, so if your graphics card is […]

Graphics Test Week coming up: April 13th to 15th

As racing has the Monaco GP, tennis has Wimbledon, and soccer has the World Cup, so the Test Day schedule has its crowning event: yes, it’s Graphics Test Week again! As with Fedora 12, we’re smooshing all the graphics card Test Days into one week to save space on the schedule and make everything feel […]

Shiny thing: SmartQ V7

It’s shiny thing day again! With my tax refund burning a hole in my pocket, I couldn’t resist buying one of these. It’s a 7″ tablet which triple-boots Android, Ubuntu and Windows CE. All for less than the cost of my Sony reader. If you read reviews of this thing, they’re fairly negative, based on […]


We saw ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ (though Dreamworks seems to have had a late change of heart, and spent most of the promo period calling it ‘Dragons’…odd) this weekend. And, well, it’s really great. It’s ultimately just a fairly sappy cliched aimed-at-kids movie on fairly well-worn plot lines, but a few things about it […]