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Video acceleration and Poulsbo news

This is quite a quiet time for QA as we’re just sitting around waiting for F13 to come out and writing up some documentation, so I took the opportunity to work on my packaging stuff. I’ve sent a new navit build to the review request bug, so that may _finally_ make it into the repos […]

Fixing a broken Firefox Awesomebar (places.sqlite repair)

I noticed this morning that the Firefox ‘awesomebar’ – the feature where it suggests pages you’re probably looking for as you type in the location bar – just wasn’t working any more. It didn’t pop up any suggestions at all, no matter what I typed. I remember when this was first introduced I moaned about […]

Another neat process improvment: tt-rss

I’ve written about various geeky bits I use to streamline some things I do a lot of – bip and bitlbee for proxying IRC and IM conversations, having my own mail and groupware servers and so on. I just set up another one this morning: Tiny Tiny RSS (thanks to Leonardo Fontenelle for the tip). […]

Packt Publishing, please don’t do this

(This story bereft of hyperlinks as I don’t want to give anyone more free publicity than they deserve). I was recently contacted by a ‘Marketing Research Executive’ (boy, we sure love our important-sounding titles!) from ‘Packt Publishing’. They were asking me, out of the blue, to post on this blog a review of a book […]