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Congratulations to Jared Smith

It’s just been announced that Jared Smith will be the new Fedora Project Leader – congratulations to him. I’ve come across his work in various contexts and he seems like a really smart choice. I’m also happy that RH has again taken on someone who was not an existing RH employee to be the project […]

A quick reminder on 64-bit Flash

Yes, Flash sucks. But many of us need it for one site or another. And lots of us are running 64-bit Linux these days, where Adobe has famously refused (so far) to update the plugin for the recent serious vulnerabilities in Flash, leaving us between a rock and a hard place. Just a quick reminder […]

Design team looking for ideas and feedback on Fedora 14 themes

So Fedora’s awesome design team is looking for ideas for Fedora 14’s release theme, and feedback on already-submitted concepts. Here’s a crazy story – I met Luya Tshimbalanga at FUDCon Toronto. After the whole first day, I finally realized he was the same guy as Finalzone, who I knew from the forums was also from […]

What’s going down in QA land

You may have noticed the blog has been a bit light on QA news lately. I attribute this to the sudden outbreak of tennis- and golf-friendly weather. 😉 No, really, it’s mostly because we’re in the Post-Release Lull where we do a lot of planning and little Exciting Stuff. But there are a few things […]

Neat thing of the day: Mozilla Sync

I’ve long wanted something like Mozilla Sync, so it came as something of a surprise to me that it exists in fairly polished and working form. I haven’t seen much news about it, which is surprising, especially from such a well-oiled project as Mozilla; is it in some kind of stealth mode? Anyway, Mozilla Sync […]

What does this button do?

I was rather tickled by the cartoon in this post. I noticed the same problem with gwibber in the Ubuntu 10.04 screenshots; it’s not entirely clear what it does until you try it!

libvirt: all kinds of awesome (converting from VMware)

Yesterday morning, my virtual machine host system gave up the ghost. It was working fine, I did an upgrade on it which included a new kernel, went to reboot it, and it never powered on again. Various tricks up to and including percussive maintenance wouldn’t convince it to come back from beyond the grave. Ah, […]