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The success of Ubuntu

(final edit: okay, I posted this, had second thoughts about the prudence of posting it and hid it, but it seems like everyone saw it anyway, so what the hell, I’ll unhide it again. It’s maybe not the most diplomatic thing to post, but…erf.) Very important disclaimer: this post is utterly and entirely my own […]

Poulsbo (GMA 500) driver in RPM Fusion repository for Fedora 13

So, I finally did it – I’ve uploaded a mostly working driver for the Intel Poulsbo (GMA 500) graphics chipset to the RPM Fusion repository for Fedora 13. As of right now, it’s in non-free updates-testing; it’ll be moved to the main updates repo at some point. To install it, set up RPM Fusion repos […]

And now for something completely different…

I like it when you find out someone’s got somewhere before you. It being a warm and lazy afternoon, I was watching the Blue Jays and ruminating upon the rules of baseball. Scenario: score is tied, bottom of the ninth. A speedy runner is on first base. The juiced up^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H skilled hitter takes a mighty […]


Slashdot comment threads can vary wildly in quality (thank you, I’ll accept my Understatement Of The Decade Award later), but just occasionally they’re brilliant. Here’s fuzzyfuzzyfungus rendering years, and billions of dollars, in free market rhetoric into a handy-dandy pocketable one-liner: “Any failure by the real world to precisely replicate the predictions of an Econ […]

MMOFPS, or why Penny Arcade rocks

One thing I do with the time for which Red Hat pays me so many millions of (some of) your precious dollars is to lounge around in my underwear reading a bunch of web comics. (This comes under the heading of ‘community research’). One of my favourites is Penny Arcade, and this is one of […]