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Preupgrade Test Day this Thursday

It’s that time again – the Fedora 14 Test Day cycle is ramping up, and this Thursday is one of the bigger events, the preupgrade Test Day. Preupgrade is one of the recommended methods for upgrading Fedora between releases, so it’s very important that we make sure it works as well as possible for each […]

CBC: fail.

I long ago learned to treat any mainstream media news story which attempted to use statistics extremely gingerly, but this one’s just too sad for words. The CBC excitedly informs us that 32.6% of hospital beds in Quebec are occupied by current or former smokers. This, it is suggested, means “caring for smokers in hospital […]

In the interests of balance (or, Good job, Canonical!)

Yes, don’t fall out of your chairs yet. Here’s Canonical being rather decent about upstreaming. Multitouch seems like exactly the kind of thing Canonical ought to be working on, and they’re taking this upstream at the right time and with the right approach, AFAICS. That’s exactly what I was talking about in this other post. […]

Finishing up controversial crap week: What Canonical ought to do

Okay, just one more I need to get out of my system. =) Edit: forgot to include the normal disclaimer: as usual, this is all my personal opinion and in no way representative of Red Hat (or anyone else, for that matter). Second edit: I’ve had a few Canonical contributions pointed out to me which […]

More controversial crap, or: where did all the Linux netbooks go?

So, I’ve been involved in a long discussion here and on IT Wire with just the most charming and polite adversary one could wish for, Mr. Telic. This has actually caused me to go out and do some boring research on stuff which I had a feel for but hadn’t really put any hard data […]


Short thought: I’ve posted some things that are fairly harsh on Canonical, here and in other places, over time. There’s one thing I’d like to make clear. I think Canonical is a far, far better player and contributor to the F/OSS community than most other companies. Sometimes people have suggested that I (and others) are […]