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Graphics Test Week final stretch: Intel

Graphics Test Week moves into its final stretch today / tomorrow (depending where you are!) with Intel graphics Test Day. As with the others, this event runs all day in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC, and testing instructions and live images (same as for the other two days) are on the Wiki page. Intel graphics users, […]

Graphics Test Week: Radeon Test Day today!

Graphics Test Week is rolling along today with Radeon Test Day. As always, the Test Day runs in #fedora-test-day and all the testing instructions and images are on the Wiki page. If you have a Radeon graphics card, please come along and help us test! Thanks.

Graphics Test Week starts tomorrow!

It’s been creeping up, and now it’s time: the world-famous Graphics Test Week begins tomorrow, with the Fedora 14 Nouveau Test Day! That is 2010-09-28. As always, the event runs all day in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC (you can connect with WebIRC). To complete Graphics Test Week, the Radeon Test Day takes place the following […]

Virtualization Test Day 2010-09-23

It’s Test Day time once more! Tomorrow, 2010-09-23, will be Virtualization Test Day. Of course, virtualization is popular with many Fedora users and a key area of Fedora development, so this is another important test event. Since this is about testing Fedora 14 as a virtualization host, you will need a copy of Fedora 14 […]

Mandriva news: Mageia

So I’m here at FUDCon Zurich, co-located with FrOSCamp, and I finally got to meet Guillaume and Michael. While we’ve been here the big Mandriva news (which has been a bit of an open secret in MDV/ex-MDV circles for a while…) broke – most of the core MDV employees, sadly, got laid off, but happily, […]

I’m at FUDCon Zurich! Well, sorta

So I’ve arrived in town for FUDCon Zurich – I’m at the conference hotel, Allegra, room 220, come knock if you want to say hi. I’m hanging out in #fudcon on IRC but no-one else seems to be there 🙂 I’m giving my presentation quite early on the first day, so I’ll spend today updating […]

My Desktop

So, uh, okay: Since all the cool kids are doing it, there’s my desktop. Posted mainly to illustrate why I’m always perplexed at these ‘show us your desktop!’ threads – why does anyone customize their desktop at all? When do you ever see it? As soon as I log in to my system, Evolution, Firefox […]

Systemd Test Day on Tuesday 2010/09/07

It’s test day time again, folks, and this one’s a biggie! You may have read about the brand new initialization system, systemd, written by Lennart Poettering. At the moment, we’re planning to use it as the default initialization system for Fedora 14. Obviously, this is a bold step with a fairly new piece of code. […]

On updates and user experiences and so forth

So, the debate about update policies and user experience etc is spilling onto the Planet, with some constructive posts from Máirín and Jon so far. Thought I’d throw in a few cents. In the end, it doesn’t matter hugely to me how this gets settled – I work QA, and as I figure it, our […]