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Fedora 14 goes gold

So we just got done signing off on the gold images for Fedora 14. I’m amazingly proud of the whole little release management group – development (especially Anaconda team, who were awesome), release engineering, and QA teams: we had an unbelievably smooth ride through the Final validation testing stage. Unprecedented in the annals of Fedora […]

The creepy line

I think I’ve mentioned before that I find the Reg sadly diminished from its heyday, but it still nails things perfectly sometimes. From this story on Street View, featuring another gobsmacking Eric Schmidt quote… “Earlier this month, Schmidt said that Google’s policy is “to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it” […]

They want to own the light

I have to admit, you get a much better class of sarcastic comment on Boing Boing than you do on most web sites. My current favourite – “If we don’t allow this, prehistoric people will retroactively stop building monuments. Then where will we be?”

And now for something completely different – Next Music From Tokyo v2 at the Biltmore Cabaret, 2010-10-14

This is a bit of a jarring post on a blog that usually just writes about tech geek stuff, I know, and probably not many of the people who’d usually see my stuff are interested in it. But I’m mostly writing it to support the tour and to give Steve something to link to. With […]

Fedora 14 validation testing: call for help!

This is a call for contributions to the validation testing for Fedora 14 Final. Validation testing is a set of planned tests to try and ensure the release meets the basic release criteria. We have installation and desktop validation tests. Testing is pretty easy: you look at the results page, there’s a table of tests […]

Miscellaneous: Poulsbo / GMA 500 on F14, The Social Network, whining about monitors, and more…

So, here’s some miscellaneous stuff which is popping into my head! First up, Poulsbo / GMA 500 (I really ought to make a category…) on Fedora 14. Short story – it works, now, just as F11 / F12 / F13. Long story – follow the instructions here (use the ‘Rawhide’ fusion repos), with the exception […]

Powerline ethernet – it works

I did a bit more of that old geek standby today, tinkering with my home network. I’ve been connecting my desktop to the router via wifi ever since moving my desk to the living room because otherwise I’d have to trail ethernet across the floor (or route it around the ceiling), but I’ve just never […]

Publishers and ebooks: *headdesk*

So I just waded through the latest Peter F. Hamilton brick (excellent, by the way) and wanted to move onto the newish Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight. I read everything on my ebook reader, these days. So off I went merrily looking for a copy. Oh, boy. I’m fairly sure this is recent, I’m […]

FUDCon Zurich wrap-up

Apologies for the lateness of this wrap-up – I didn’t want to interfere with the Graphics Test Week posts on my blog! A Graphics Test Week wrap-up should be coming tomorrow. Indeed like many others at RH and in the Fedora community, I was at FUDCon Zurich last month. First I’d like to say thanks […]