Scratch my itch, damn you

So, lately almost every comment I post is authenticated by either Disqus or OpenID, using my Fedora OpenID.

Something cool about Disqus is that if I go to my profile page there, I can see all the comments I have posted lately. Or, y’know, ever. This is awesome. It allows me to go back and admire the sight of people thanking me humbly for graciously bestowing my considerable wisdom upon them. This pleases me.

Can’t OpenID do this? Can’t we get a page in FAS where I can go and see all the actions I’ve done (i.e., almost always, comments I’ve left) that were authenticated via my FAS OpenID? It must be possible! Do it! Do it now! I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED!

(no. I won’t fix the OpenID commenting on my blog. Hypocrisy? I’ve heard of it.)

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  1. mcepl
    mcepl December 18, 2010 at 11:56 am | | Reply

    I don’t know anything about WordPress OpenID plugins and their problems (and yes, I am not surprised that some plugins for WP are crap). However, one of the beautiful things about Disqus (and yes my freedom-hating self is glad to hear it) is that it supports OpenID very well. Why won’t you switch on Disqus on your blog?

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